• Importance of technology trends in education

Importance of Technology Trends in Education

Technology trends change swiftly as we communicate or function in our day-to-day life. It has changed every aspect in many fields and sectors, effectively as possible. But the area of education is lacking regarding technology. Given the fact that education is the entity that can bring a positive change into the world, so launching new

  • study tips

8 Effective Study Tips to Enhance Your Learning At Home

Does your present study method of reading a textbook repeatedly will help you memorize everything? Do you sense stressed sometimes because you’re unable to remember all the information in a small period? As a student, use study tips for yourself to manage your time and enhance your learning. Try to gain some learning hacks that will increase


 If you are confused about which boards to use for your senior secondary examination then this blog will help you to make the right choice. In this piece of Information, we have differentiated the RBSE and CBSE on basis of 4 parameters, the fees of Rajasthan board school and CBSE board school, study pattern of

51 Effective Parenting Tips For Toddlers, Teenager And Adult Child

Calming your toddler with a bar of chocolate or scolding him upright for his tantrums, are parenting ways in this new era. Parenting can be authoritative or permissive. The religious leader Sadhguru once said that his mother was uninvolved with his teenage life but somehow turned out to be the best parenting for him. For

  • common illness in summer season among children

Common Illness in Summer Season Among Children

Today we will be discussing common illness in summer season among children. The Summer season brings energy to do more fun, and for children, this is the season they wait the whole year for. Summer vacation is apparently a fun time, and we all wish to enjoy this. However, this is the season in which

  • How to Prepare your child for school admission interview

How to Prepare Your Child for School Admission Interview

Want to know how to prepare your child for school interview questions? Read this blog and find out everything you and your child needs to know before heading for the school admission interview. Many Private schools in Jaipur take an interview for admission. These interviews can be stressful for the child and the parents as

  • How-to-teach-cursive-writing-to-children

How to Teach Cursive Writing to Children

Read and know how to teach cursive writing to your child. According to the research, printing letters and writing in cursive activate different parts of the brain. But cursive writing is becoming invisible from the school curriculum as teachers are finding it hard to explain and teach it to small children. Cursive writing learning is

  • How-to-teach-Kind-words-to-children

How to Teach Kind Words to Your Kids

Have you ever heard a child saying “Thank You”, “Please” without being prompted through their parent? Or he/she may even ask to be excused for going from the dining table. Is there anything more pleasant than accompanying this type of child? Every Parent wants their child to be like this and believe us you can

  • Amazing-Science-Facts-for-Kids

Amazing Science Facts for Kids They Need to Know

Today we are presenting amazing facts for kids which they must know. Why does the moon disappear in the day? How does the rain come from clouds? Kids asked hundreds of such questions! They are curious to know the answers which seems them as a mystery. So, instead of becoming irritated or loud at them,

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