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How to Choose a School for Your Child in India

Read and Know how to choose a right school for your child in India. Planning for the school is the first and most important task of parents towards their kid. A school plays a crucial role in brightening a kids future.

So many questions must be roaming in your mind “How to pick a school for your kid? How to select the right school? What should be considered while choosing a school? Should we go for single-gender education or code education? Will the private school be advantageous or public school is better? Whether English Medium Education is necessary or we can think about regional Medium Schools? 

Answers to all these questions will help you a lot in choosing the right school for your child in India. 

1.) Private vs Public

Many of the people are confused between private and public schools. High School fees are the reason behind why some parents are choosing public schools. Private Schools are featured with all necessary facilities as well as they give a global platform to the students where they can introduce to the outside world. They are capable to know what is the today’s requirement and what they can deliver to the society.

But if you are thinking that every private school has a high fee structure then sorry because there are some private schools which are delivering an excellent education in a low fee structure which can be easily affordable by a middle-class family.

So, if you are thinking about public school then rethink because we are talking about future of your kid. Please check out the link which let you know clearly why private schools are better than public schools.

2.) School Medium

Might be, you are looking for Hindi Medium or Medium of Regional Language schools. But let me aware you why most of the parents are preferring English Medium Schools.

English is the most common language spoken throughout the world. It is the language of science, technology, Computer, Internet etc. Today every Multinational Company has made the common conversion in English Language only. 80% of the news feed on the internet is in the English language.

With the passage of time, English is growing its importance. And it has become a necessary requirement to educate your child from the English Medium. I did not mean that other languages are not important or you should focus on them. But we have to move with the time. Otherwise, you will have to regret.

So, let your child grow with the Best English Medium School.

3.) Co-Education School

You might be thinking why not we should go with single-gender education? With the same gender, your child will feel more comfortable or she can communicate well in the class. But have you thought about her future? What about the workstation she will be working for? She could not get rid of her hesitation when started working with opposite gender.  

So, it’s better to guide them about such from today. Code environment from the very childhood feels your child comfortable to work with opposite gender easily.  

4.) School Learning Approach

Reading the books and giving a lot of homework should not be a correct method of learning in schools. There must be some fun, some understanding or enjoyment which do not let the students feel, it is a burden. You should gather knowledge about the learning approach of school like homework criteria, project works, quarterly exams or frequent testing, smart classes etc.  

Identifying School’s learning approach is not enough, you will also have to look whether your child will be comfortable with their learning approach.

5.) Extra Curricular Activities

It is not necessary that every child is dreaming to be doctor or engineer. Some want to be actors or some want to make their career in sports. The school should be a platform where a child can fulfill his dreams.

I have seen many of the schools focuses on studies only to improve their result but studies are not enough to let your child grow. For the all-round development of your child, the school must be active in extracurricular activities which promotes other activities besides education.

Check out the other activities which are performing by school beside education.

Also, check –Which activities are receiving special attention of school and what facilities or resources are provided for such?

Whether the school is providing a national or international platform in such extra curricular activities so that students can perform them globally?

6.) Check out the Safety

Definitely, safety is on the top of the list while choosing a school. All the parents have the first thought in mind “Is this school safe?”

You can search about –

  • How does school deals with the problems of bullying, Harassment, violence, and other distractions?.
  • What are the safety measures adopted by the school in case of any accidental issues?
  • What is the security policy in respect of primary section students?
  • Whether the school is providing transportation facilities and is it safe?
  • How frequently school communicates with parents in case of any mishaps?
  • Do parents get a message in case child is not present in school?
  • What is the policy to make the students away from mobile phones?
  • Whether the school is facilitated with CCTV cameras at all such places where required?

7.) Infrastructure and Facilities

Still you are of the opinion that place do not matter, what matters is only dedication. Grow up!! Place gives an environment to study. The environment should be peaceful and teachers should be dedicated towards their profession so that child could be given a correct direction where they can follow their dreams.

You can check its infrastructure and also inquire for –

  • Whether the school is equipped with a well stock library which provides students a peaceful atmosphere?Whether school is equipped with Computer, Science and Maths Lab which let the students think beyond their books?
  • Is school providing the first aid facility properly?
  • Is school facilitated with a canteen which serves hygienic and fresh food to the students?
  • Whether school conducts the tutorial program for the students who could not achieve high in their exams?
  • Whether the school provides the counseling services to the students as well as Parents ?

Such answers will help you alot in gaining an adequate knowledge about the school facilities and infrastructure.

8.) Teaching towards Life Skills

Books are not enough to teach your child as a responsible and good citizen of our country. Many of times we are introduced with some students who have passed out from high schools, successful in life, very knowledgeable but lack moral values. Hence we need such a school who can teach life skills, moral values beside bookish knowledge.

Every parent wants their child to be a successful person but first, they want their child to be a responsible and good person.

The best way to check whether the school is giving the life lesson to kids is to talk some students of the school. Observe their behaviour and thoughts which can let you know what actually school is teaching their students.

You can also ask them whether teachers are fair with every student and how they deals with the students who misbehave in the classrooms.

Hope you like this article and if yes share it with everyone who are looking best school for their child in India. Stay with us for more such articles and if you are curious to know such more things then please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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