VSI International Principle Sangeeta Shrivastava 



( Principal )

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Principal of VSI International School not only because teaching is my passion but also because I enjoy the company of my dear student’s also talented and zealous teachers.

Choosing a school, most appropriate to the individual needs of the child, is a major decision, for parents. At this stage many questions arise but the most important is whether the school’s educational and social philosophy meets the parent’s expectations and the children’s aspirations.

The VSI International School philosophy is based on the principle that the education involves the development of the child into a self motivated, responsible and self-disciplined personality from a very young are we groom children through purposeful activities to independent learning and self motivational, enabling them to achieve their highest potential. Self-esteem is achieved and skills vital to a fully functioning member of society as developed.

A child’s school ought to be an extension of the family, providing a safe environment in which he/she can explore ideas and feelings.

At VSI International School, we ensure that every child achieves his/her academic objectives by providing them with the skills to realize the fullest potential.