• GK-Quiz-Question-and-Answers

General Knowledge Quiz Question and Answers for Kids

General knowledge questions and answers help a child to grow both on the personal and academic level. Kids always use to rote things and it is really important to make them learn instead of rote. And this is important to take some twist in their studies by introducing general knowledge quizzes at both the places

  • The-Best-Nursery-Rhymes-for-Children

The Best Nursery Rhymes for Children

Rhymes are taught to every child as it develops their skills in language learning and increases their capturing power. For younger babies, it increases their communication skills in an early age. It also creates a positive attitude among children and also helps them to understand and learn different types of sounds. Some of the most

  • Educational-Toys-for-Kids

Educational Toys for Kids to Make Them Learn

Educational Toys are the first thing a child is introduced for fun and entertainment when they turn 3 years old and ready to understand things. If you choose toys wisely for your child, you can add learnings in his fun and it can make him smarter. Here we have listed some Educational toys for 3

  • foods for brain power

Foods for the Brain Power and Sharp Brain

Today we are providing you with the list of 10 best foods for brain power that will help you in making your child's brain sharp. Your child’s mind is highly affected by what he eats. Children grow rapidly and their mind as well grows very fast. At the initial stage of development, a child needs

  • Top-26-Schools-of-India

Top Schools in India- The 26 Best Schools for Your Child

Wondering which are the top schools in India? A school is a place where we get prepared for life. It provides a child structured education and prepares them physically and mentally. When it comes to your child knowledge and growth, you obviously will prefer the top school among the bests. Because schools environment plays an

  • how to make kids smarter

How to Make Your Kids Smarter

Every parent has a wish to make their baby smarter. You want to give every advantage to your child, then why not we start from boosting his intellect? Infant-development experts say that 1st year of a kid's life is the most important time for learning. However, if you have missed this time, you can apply

  • Stranger-Danger-Tips

Teach Your Child About Stranger Danger

It’s even hard for Parents to know who and when a person becomes dangerous. So, think about your child who hasn’t even crossed the maturity level, how can he/she Know about a stranger danger? To overcome this deficiency of understanding, the wrong situation or the wrong person, parents must teach their children about some basic

  • advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling

Advantages and Disadvantages of HomeSchooling

Todays Blog is dedicated to HomeSchooling and different advantages and disadvantages of HomeSchooling. Many Parents are now choosing Homeschooling instead of any Public or Private school. This may have many reasons such as dissatisfaction of Education system available out there, Religious belief, their own philosophy for traditional schooling etc. Homeschooling is legal in approx 50

  • how-to-develop-good-habits-in-your-child

How to Develop Good Habits in Children

Want to Know how to develop good habits in your child? Good habits decide the child’s nature in future. If your child is too young, it is quite a tough task to teach healthy habits to them. However, you can repeat these habits on a daily basis so that it can be part of his lifestyle.

  • importance of sports in student life

Importance of Sports in Student Life

Every time when it comes to sports, a common question is asked by the people that "what is the importance of sports in students life?". We say studies are important but we can't neglect the importance of sports in student's life as it is important for our well being. Many famous sportspersons who were scholars

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